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мы — буковки!

ща, успокоюсь, пару картинок приложу. вот:

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thank you project by Hugo & Joachim
Its a business-card sized booklet with 30 cards, 5 post cards and a stamp.
These cards can be send to a friend or a stranger, left behind anywhere someone might find them. In a book in the library or a bookstore, in a bag of an unknown passenger, in the mailbox of your neighbour.To give some respect, love and happiness to the people around us. To give a smile.

you are beautiful. thank you.
i like your smile. thank you.
you inspired me. thank you.
you challenge me. thank you.
you are modest. thank you.
we are all in this together. thank you.
you stopped the time. thank you.
you brought the sun. thank you.
you rock. thank you.
you make me smile. thank you.
you’re different. thank you.
you made me think again. thank you.
you saved my life. thank you.
you changed my mind. thank you.
you idiot. thank you.
you were in my life. thank you.
i feel like a kid. thank you.
i felt love today. thank you.
it’s beautiful here. thank you.
you doubt. thank you.
you wonder. thank you.
i love the way you turn the page. thank you.
you found me. thank you.
you made me laugh in the rain. thank you.
you dream. thank you.
you keep surprising me. thank you.
it’s nice that you are here. thank you.

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22.11.2008 в 21:00
Пишет Джу,рожки на её голове и шляпа,которая их скрывает:

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спасибо за радужное настроение jek in the box

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31.10.2008 в 19:45
Пишет Redrik Vesperus:

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автор: Татка

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